Congratulations to the successful completion of InMax participating in the 16th EP China 2016 in Beijing.

2016-11-29 13:09:53

InMax industrial communication equipment could fully meet the need of ¡°power industrial Ethernet communication¡± and ¡°industrial internet of things communication¡± fields and so on.

InMax carried dozens of independent R&D new gigabit industrial Ethernet switches showing in the EP China 2016.

Released new models:

1. i712A full gigabit managed industrial switch, to meet the newest ring protocol G.8032 protection.

2. i506A series full gigabit industrial switch, P506A series full gigabit industrial PoE switch.

3. i509A i510A 10 ports full gigabit industrial switch, P509A P510A 10 ports full gigabit industrial PoE switch.

4. Meanwhile, we also released new models of 10G 16 ports, 20 ports, 24 ports, and 48 ports industrial switches.