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  • EP101 ONU products fully comply with IEEE 802.3-2005 and  the China Telecom EPON device technical specification (CTC2.1CTC3.0). It is operative, manageable and maintainable at telecommunication level, and can provide high speed data service for customers. It has a PON uplink port that connects to office end apparatus through optical fiber.

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Product features:

Conform to IEEE802.3ah standard

Support Ethernet service layer 2 switching and wire-speed forwarding of uplink and downlink services

Support frame filtering and suppression

Support standard 802.1Q Vlan function, support VLAN conversion

Support 4094 VLANs (802.1Q)

Support Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (DBA) function

Support QoS, including traffic flow classification, priority marking, queue and dispatch, traffic shaping and traffic control, etc

Single ONU supports up to 1 LLID.

Support IGMP Snooping

Support Ethernet port ratelimit loop detection

Support power failure alarm

Support lightning protection for power supply and lightning protection for service port

Port features:

1 PON ports (1.25G)

1 10/100/1000M RJ45 Port 

Physical features:

Power supply: 12VDC

Power consumption: 7W


Working temperature:055℃

Storage temperature: -3060

Relative humidity: 1090% (non-condensing)